Property Video Tours

The benefits of video marketing are staggering and more and more businesses are realizing the potential. If you haven’t quite got to grips on how video marketing can benefit your business, perhaps now is the time to find out why you should give it a go?

Video marketing has a huge impact on businesses, helping direct traffic to websites and therefore improving website hits and increasing the length of time that visitors spend on the website.  Statistics also prove that the website bounce rate decreases with the inclusion of video clips.

Another important impact of video marketing is the SEO value it holds. Videos are like gold for search engines.  A video result ranked fifth or sixth will get a better click rate than a non-video result in a higher ranking. When videos are uploaded onto your website, blog or social media pages it is 50 times more likely to receive first page ranking than traditional text pages.

If you are looking for a competitive advantage in a crowded real estate market, look to online video.  Video allows you to combine music, narration and video to create a mini-documentary that showcases a home’s unique features and attributes.