How long does the tour stay active?

For as long as you need. You tell us when you want the tour to be taken down.

Are the tours MLS compliant? How does that work?

Yes. Our tours are MLS compliant. We can control every element on the tour. Each tour comes with multiple links. Branded, MLS compliant (IDX) and a full screen no branding link.

Do you post to Realtor.com?

Yes we do. It is Free for showcase subscribers, $25 for regular accounts.

Can you incorporate 180 degree (partial) panoramas instead of 360?

Yes, we can do partial panoramas instead of full 360 tours.

Why 360 HD Tours for commercial properties like hotels, apartament complexes, resorts etc., are more expensive?

Commercial 360 HD Tours are designed for Resorts, Hotels, Restaurants and other commercial venues. We do special logo design, floorplan and HDR post processing for these tours. End result is more dramatic and spectacular virtual tour experience. However we can also do the same tours for Realtors upon their request.

What are Hotspots used for?

Hotspots are a clickable button within a 360 panoramic view that can be used to show a still photography, move to another 360 view, show text, or even play audio and video files. Hotspots are a great way to convey further information about an item within your 360 panoramic view. Check out this hotspot virtual tour example.

I am unable to view a virtual tour.

Your computer needs a common, free software plug-in called Flash Player. You will need this program to view the virtual tours. To download this free plug-in go to: http://www.adobe.com/go/getflashplayer/

How long does it take to produce video tour?

It takes about 60-120 minutes to film the tour, depending on the size of the home. With post production it will take 24-36 hrs to complete and post the video.

Can I place the video on my website?

Yes, we can provide an embed code so you can embed the video on your website.